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People often tell me that they are not good at language learning or that they are too old, too busy, too X, or too Y to learn a language. But I can promise you that you are good at learning languages and that you are not too anything that you cannot learn any language that you want. Having studied over 20 lanaguages myself, I can guarantee this. Let me show you how!
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    My Aim
    My aim is to help you learn any language in less that 1/5 the time that it takes most other people. Be certified in only 120 hours of class time!
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    My Work
    I have a MA in Second Language Learning and have been teaching for over 20 years! I have developed all of the required tools just for you!
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    My Passion
    I live and breathe language teaching and learning. Whatever you need, find it right here. Write here:
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Classes are small and personal. A maximum of six students means limited space. Register now to save your spot!
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